Somaliland: Gabose Scathingly Blasts Bihi’s Administration



Somaliland’s statement Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose decried the state of affairs in the country and called for a traditional communal conference to salvage the nation.

Dr. Gaboose who came out of a long-political hibernation said he was losing sleep over the precarious state of the nation.

The veteran statesman said the situation of the country resembled the deep division and resentment that resulted from the rash union between Somaliland and Somalia in 1960, and warned of even worse consequences.

The general outlook of the state of the nation is not pretty, and it reminds me of the bitter fruits of the blunder of 1960. It made me wonder how one side of the union took all the powers and the benefits of the state without negotiation. The answer I found was that our side was not united in heart and mind. The outlook I am seeing is one of a bad decision and a deeper division. The consequences of which could be worse than that of 1960 if not remedied and God helped us.

Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose

Dr. Gabboose laid the responsibility of the looming doom at the doorsteps of president Muse Bihi who he accused of deploying divide and rule tactics. He said the government is captured by an oligarchy name the rainbow which is abusing the names of specific clans.

For a while now, a kleptocracy has developed in our country. It is based on dividing and polarizing the brotherly people. They are serving themselves in the rainbow political alliance which is a cover for their self-interests- them alone.

Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose

Dr. Gabboose, on the other hand, decried that the ideals of the nation have been shaken to the core. He said legitimate grievances are growing in all corners of the country and they are not acknowledged by the administration. He mentioned the struggling reform calls of Ali Khalif Galaydh, and Professor Ahmed Isma’il Samatar as examples of the pitiful state of the country.

In the same token, Sool and Eastern Sanaag regions are suffering from a lack of direction. And it’s obvious, that apart from the military presence, there is no development going on in those regions. Besides, anti-peace and stability movements are getting initiated. Their elite, led by Ali Khalif, who came to the country have left after facing humiliation and disappointment. 

Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose

In his wide-reaching address, Gabboose warned against instilling hate on Somalilanders towards their Somali brethren. He stressed that the people of Somalia are not to be blamed for the crimes committed by the regime of Siyad Barre. 

Somaliland’s case, which I fought for and believe that’s our best interest,  will not bear fruit by instilling hatred between the peoples of Somaliland and Somalia. Its success should not be through cultivating resentment and bitterness. The suffering inflicted on the people of Somaliland could not be blamed on civilians. It was committed by Siyad Barre’s regime, and the regime should be held accountable for it. 

Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose

Mohamed Abdi Gaboose saw hope in the traditional communal conference that is called to take place in Burao, saying it could be a national salvation conference. However, he proposed an expanded reconciliation process for all Somaliland clans, starting within the central clan-family that is bitterly


Abdillahi Hassan


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