Somaliland: EUCAP trains Berbera Coast Guard on law enforcement




Somaliland coast guard officers in Berbera have begun the first of a series of theoretical and practical law enforcement trainings delivered by EUCAP experts, starting with a three-day course on the Somaliland Coast Guard Law and on practical safety and security when carrying out law enforcement activities.

The initial training in Berbera will be followed by more detailed theoretical and practical courses demonstrating how to incorporate the Coast Guard Law in daily activities, as well as by courses on criminal investigation and first aid.

EUCAP has begun to increase the number of trainings, as well as the number of advisors and experts on the ground in Berbera, as part of the opening of a new EUCAP sub-office in the town. Berbera port in Somaliland is a key a hub for maritime trade in the Gulf of Aden, and is currently being expanded by the Somaliland government to develop it into an economic zone, with an expected major increase in maritime traffic and shipping.

Hussein Ahmed Faarah, one of the officers taking part in training course, said knowing the law and how to enforce it gives him the building blocks and foundation needed to carry out his work. “Thanks to this training on the Coast Guard law I know the legal powers that the Somaliland Coast Guard have and how we can exercise them,” he said.

The training of the Coast Guard in Berbera and sub office opening, together with the ongoing training of the Coast Guard in Hargeisa, is part of EUCAP’s ongoing work to support safe movements of people and goods at sea in the region.


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