Somaliland: DP attends Abaarso school graduation



The Deputy President of Somaliland Hon. Abdirahman Sayli’i on Wednesday has attended the 10th anniversary of Abaarso school and the 9th batch graduation held in Hargeisa. The DP was briefed by school management over the stages that the Abaarso boarding school went through. The students who have studied in the school are from all regions in Somaliland. The management also said that orphaned children are given the chance to be educated in the school. The minister responsible for religious affairs and endowment presented certificate of completion of children who finished reciting the holy Kuran. The ministers of education and religious affairs sent congratulatory message to the students who have graduated from Abaarso school of Science & Technology. Both minister have reiterated that the school is a shinning exemplary of Somaliland education system. School parents urged to remain united against foes that are busy spreading false information based on lies and rumors on the school. The deputy president also congratulated on the graduated students.


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