Somaliland Debates – “Somaliland and Somalia Dialogue: should the Talks resume?”



As part of Inspire Group’s #SomalilandDebates Series, we are proud to have had the opportunity to conduct the Debate on “Somaliland and Somalia Dialogue: should the Talks resume?”. We are grateful to have a diverse audience from all walks of life, ranging from Government officials, Parliament members, Political Parties, Intellectuals, youth and women representatives, to objectively debate and share their views on this crucial topic.
Over the past two decades and a half, Somaliland has been committed rebuilding state institutions, social and political reconciliations, the bottom up to the state-building process, and internationally commended democratic elections has demonstrated some credible results of peace and political stability. However, the international isolation, or rather the lack of recognition, of Somaliland has undermined the ultimate goal of the country to be an active of the regional player.

Read the full report here – English Version: Somaliland Debates – “Somaliland and Somalia Dialogue: should the Talks resume?”

Somali Version: Wada-hadallada Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya ma la sii wadi karaa?

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