Somaliland bans high-sulphur diesel fuel imports in order to protect the well being of citizens



The Somaliland government has announced banning  the import of high-sulfur fuels particularly with diesel which has posed a serious health threat to the community according to the trade minister. The trade ministry says that it has conducted thorough investigation and discovered that the fuel storage facility has diesel which is beyond the sulfur standards.

The trade minister, Mr. Mohamud Hasan Sa’ad has further said that it is unfortunate that there is no lab fuel at the storage facility. He revealed that the government has made the order to bring brand new fuel lab in the meantime. The decision to ban high sulfur diesel import in the country is to protect the health and well being of Somaliland citizens. The minister has confirmed there were diesel fuel imports with 700 ppm as well as 800 ppm. The minister has said that the import and use of high sulfur content in the country would be problematic to the community.




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