Somaliland: A religious leader receives Jail Sentence


HARGEISA–Court in Hargeisa separately handed down prison sentences between nine years and one year to a prominent religious leader and youngsters yesterday. The regional court on Saturday  decided that Sheikh Adan Sune should be held  to nine years behind bars on charges of obstructing the detention of suspected youngsters who were thought to have links with outlawed extremist Al Shabab organization.

Two of the youngsters were sentenced in absentia while one is said to have completed one year jail term. The religious leader was frogmarched from his residential home in Hargeisa by Rapid and Response Unit in September, 2017. The hearing of the case accused of the Sheilkh along with the youth was concluded yesterday.

Former regime led by Silanyo was always accused of heavy-handed crackdown and persecution of dissidents against his admins ration. The jailed religious leader was outspoken against the regime led by Ahmed Silanyo.








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