Somaliland: 135 inmates reeducated in Hargeisa Main prison


At least 135 inmates learnt the Quran in Hargeisa main prison

By: Farah Mohumed Yusuf


HARGEISA–The ministry of justice in conjunction with ministry of religious affairs presented gifts to inmates in Hargeisa main prison yesterday who studied Quran and Islamic studies. The president of Somaliland, Bihi has donated the holy Quran books that were given to inmates where mostly they are juveniles who have violated the country’s laws.

The ministry of religious affairs under the auspices of Telesom firm were part in funding and teaching Islamic courses to the inmates. A highly organized ceremony was held inside Hargeisa main prison saw the attendance of the ministers of justice, Hon. Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed and Abdikani Mohamud Ateye, deputy chief corrections, Brigadier Hasan Ali Awad and religious leaders. This was done thanks to the steward leadership of president, Bihi who has done all they can to provide rehabs to those who have broken against the country’s rules.

In Somaliland not only prisons are placed where people who have committed a crime is held but is also a place where inmates are reeducated and rehabilitated so that once they are finish their jail terms that they can return back to the community in order to contribute back to the society in a superb way.



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