Somalian authority is dragging its feet on the resumption of the talks- Somaliland FM



Somaliland government said that Somalian Federal Government is dragging its feet to restart the stalled talks. The country’s FM, Mr. Yasin Faraton has made clear that Somaliland is committed to the dialogue but put the blame on Somalian authority  which is not ready to engage constructive talks with Somaliland  on the future relations between the two enclaves. This comes after preliminary talks which were held in Niarobi saw the Somalian authority of skipping to attend. Somaliland FM has said that Somaliland is determined to come to the negotiation table in order to have serious and direct talks with Somalian counterparts but said that there is lack of seriousness and sincerity on Somalian side. In this regard, Somalilaland lacks a genuine partner that is desirous to the dialogue. The FM of Somaliland made the remarks in an interview with local paper, Geeska Afrika, by further saying that Somaliland wants to convince its Somalian counterpart our case. The country’s FM has said that the Somalian president is obsessed with a unity that is not viable and went on to say that he is not ready for Somaliland to engage sincerely with Somalian authority. Mr. Faraton has added that the international community is fully aware of Somalian authority in dragging its feet on the resumption of the stalled dialogue between the two sides. The FM has said that Somaliland will be recognized soon and the international community will recognize the enclave. Speaking on the issue of livestock trade with Saudi Arabia, the Somaliland FM has told that we are a country called Somaliland that has nothing to do with Somalia. The FM went on to say that once the Saudi authority issued the new restrictions that we acted immediately by initiating contacts with Saudi Arabian gov. He added that Somaliland won’t engage with Somalia pertaining to livestock export.





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