SL:President along with the opposition leaders express concerns of World Bank’s lack of neutrality on Somalia debt


They charge the Booker Institution of doing so without consulting Somaliland

By M.A. Egge

The President of the Republic H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi who happens to be also the Chairman of the ruling KULMIYE party and both the Chairmen of WADDANI and UCID parties Messrs  Abdirahman Abdillahi Irro and Eng. Faisal Ali Hussein decried the Booker institutions of going about their duties on freeing Somalia from international debts without consulting Somaliland.

The trio registered their rejection of the arbitrary move given that the world engaged with Somaliland separately for the past several decades acknowledging the fact that it was not tied to Somalia.

They gave their sentiments yesterday Saturday 26th March 2020 as they met at the Presidency whereby they pondered on the ongoing measures on safeguarding against the coronavirus pandemic and at the same time the just rejected WADDANI and UCID appointed members to new National Electoral Commission by the parliament.

The President noted that it was because of the basic aspirations and human rights that Somaliland re-asserted its independence through battles.

He said, “I say to the world Bank that Somaliland and Somalia were two different countries in 1960 and after the failed union Somaliland re-asserted its independence in 1991.”

He reminded them, “Since then the two were treated as separate entities.”

He continued by cautioning, “If the assertion is dejure nature requirement, then your bilateral ties with Somalia do not concern us as Somalilanders hence we shall never accept issues conveyed indirectly to us.”

The Head of State was unequivocal that issues and matters concerning Somaliland must be conveyed to or consulted directly with the country and not as a proxy of or by Somalia.

He reminded the World Bank that the de-facto nature of Somaliland is in line with its aspirations hence quite legal, given the background.

His two parties head colleagues echoed his sentiments with the WADDANI chair calling on the World Bank to deal with Somaliland directly.

UCID chair Eng. Faisal noted that between the two countries, given the reconstruction processes and issues at stake, it was Somaliland that deserved prioritization.

On the other hand, the leaders discussed the ongoing prophylactic and associated preventive measures the country has put in place to tame or control the Coronavirus menace which is afflicting the world agreeing that it was only through concerted public efforts can the pandemic be held at bay.

Lastly, on the two WADDANI and UCID appointed members to the new NEC board just rejected by the parliament, the President noted that despite the legality and independence of the legislative council, the parliament out to have been responsibly sensitive to the politics at hand.

He said, “We accept the verdict of the parliament since it is legally binding and for it is an independent institution but we and the nation did not expect such a move.”

He explained, “The issue of the commission had been in a quagmire for over two years and the situation was that we had reconciled in a conciliatory gesture hence imparted upon the opposition parties to avail their nominations.”

He said that the internal agreements we usually made in the country were meant to be collaborative.

He noted that the party chiefs, the executive and the legislature will have to re-visit the issue such that the electioneering process may hold its course.


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