Somaliland: Connecting Diaspora for Development Via Knowledge Transfer & Entrepreneurship Launch


The second phase of the Diaspora Cooperation Project was launched in Hargeisa today (Nov 7, 2019). The objective of the program included promoting business knowledge and capacity development for the Government ministries to deal and collaborate with international business development systems.  The meeting was attended the directors of the Ministries of Justice, Public Works, Water, Roads development,

First by the Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Justice, Abdirahman Sheikh Hassan Ismail Has Opened the Meeting , appreciated the project and encouraged  the people who have transferred the skills they have learned abroad.

The General Director Ministry of Public Works and Housing Mr, Elmi  Abdirahman Ashur has also strongly commended the Dutch government and the IOM  for their significant contribution to the construction sector.

In addition the Director for Roads and Transport Development, Omar Sayed appreciated the nature of the project design which is facilitating  the integration of external donors and the government to work together> he thanked to the Dutch government, European Union and IOM for their support to the development of Somaliland.

The IOM’s officer in Somaliland, Ayan Hassan stated that the first phase of the project was different from this second phase, as the first phase focused to the knowledge Skill Transfer for civil servant from various Ministries in Somaliland, while the second phase is focusing of knowledge Skill transfer and diaspora entrepreneurship in Somaliland.

IOM LHD Program Officer, Saeed  Guled, spoke about the importance of the project to the government of Somaliland, saying IOM It facilitates all the technical needs of the project, he said, and how they can work together with people who have acquired skills, how to return home and benefit their country.

Finally, The Head of IOM Somaliland Miss Ifrah Abbas explained in details the  Overall Objective of CD4D2, which is to promote the active role of diaspora in public sector reinforcement and private sector development in four focus countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and Somaliland. The proposal present itself as a comprehensive diaspora engagement program that is built on two pillars, namely knowledge and skills transfer and diaspora Entrepreneurship.

Miss Abbas continued her speech explain the key pillars of the project that, The First Pillar, The Four Focus Countries Have Large diasporas living abroad who sometimes dispose of a Specific expertise that is missing locally and considered essential for the development of their formula for institutional capacity building. Through physical assignment, online knowledge Transfer, and linkages with institutions in the Netherlands, diaspora experts who preferable reside in the Netherlands will be chosen during the inception period and build upon previous phases.

The second pillar focuses on diaspora entrepreneurship. Being rooted in two worlds, diaspora entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to recognize and seize opportunities in their country of origin. This program will assist  a select Group of diasporas with proven entrepreneurial skills and Viable business ideas in setting up or expanding their business. Moreover, the diaspora can be an important bridge for Dutch Companies that want to expand their market abroad, because of their comparative advantage of knowing the culture of the country of investment, as well as Dutch work methods

One of the beneficiaries of the project, spoke about the importance of the project and was highly commended by the Dutch government for providing support through this program.


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