Rioting is not the answer to Somaliland’s manufactured election crisis


Somaliland law enforcement have arrested dozens of people who were allegedly plotting to assassinate demonstrators, or police officers during the Thursday, August 11, opposition sponsored protest in Hargeisa, according to Somaliland Interior Minister, Mr.  Mohamed Kahin.

Mr. Kahin is also accusing Cirro of planning and funding a plot to hire mercenaries from Somalia to create mayhem and chaos in our Capital city–Hargeisa.

He has raised serious allegations against Cirro, which not only disqualifies him from running for the presidential election, but he could spend the rest of life in prison if he is convicted of this horrendous plot.

We should believe Colonel Kahin because he is a veteran who not only knows what he is doing, but he also oversees our homeland security. He has access to classified information about the alleged plot. We trust in him for our public safety.

Aiding and abetting JSL enemies during a political crisis amounts to a treason. No one is above the law.

At the same I will wait for more evidence from our government before I jump into conclusion. Cirro deserves a due process. and the government to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

However, we must stand behind our  law enforcement officers , the fire fighters, and the armed forces to keep law and order, and to protect our nation. We should not  allow a highly vocal minority , and fake media to undermine our hard-fought peace and stability.

Somaliland is under siege by the Waddani/UCID parties’ manufactured crisis. The leadership of Waddani and their surrogates are consumed with whining and complaining and apologizing about Somaliland: “the 2017 presidential election was rigged, Somaliland is not inclusive enough, we’re not included in this, we are not at table in that, and President Bihi is a dictator….”, and so on. They even waged a failed  insurrection to bring down our government.

It’s obvious that the Waddani party is desperate and running out of ideas and sound policy, and now they resorted to mob violence and hiring mercenaries to assassinate Somaliland people. This is unacceptable.

Waddani leadership’s thinking is this: Waddani party is not interested in peaceful demonstrations that follow the rule and the guidelines from the Interior Ministry. Instead, they want mob violence, hooliganism, riots, looting and chaos to prevail all over our cities. They think that by creating chaos, the JSL government will collapse, and Bihi will run away. Then the corrupt, unpatriotic clan elders, radical clerics, and the greedy merchants will convene a gathering in Gacan Libaaax mountain,  to crown Cirro as the next president of Somaliland, then he would make Somaliland a poor region of Somalia. We can’t allow that to happen

Our enemy is plotting, and they want JSL to collapse within. Failed politicians like Cirro , Faisal Ali, and Hersi-Gaab, and Somalia apologists are doing for their bidding.

Somaliland is not Sri Lanka, and Bihi is not Abdirahman Tuur, or Farmaajo of Somalia. Bihi is our duly elected President. In 2017 presidential election, Bihi received 55% of the total votes cast, making him the first Somaliland President ever to win over 50% of the vote.

Rioting is not the answer to Somaliland’s manufactured election crisis. There will never be a power vacuum in JSL. Our next President will be elected through a democratic process. We will never accept mob violence, hooliganism, riots, and looting as a vehicle to gain power.

Allah bless JSL

Ali-Guban Mohamed


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