Renegade Col. Aare’s rebel soldiers return to Somaliland



Renegade Somaliland soldiers have returned to their barracks as the defected Colonel from defense forces is expected to leave from Puntland to overseas.

This was announced by Sanaag regional governor, Hon. Mohamed Ahmed Ali aka “Timbaro” yesterday in Hargeisa on working visit.

The RG did not name names who changed the minds of the rebel soldiers established by Mr. Aaro, a defected Col from Somaliland national army.

The returned soldiers to Somaliland have abandoned their ideology which Col. Aare brainwashed them and have announced that they have given up their insurgency.

Mr. Timbaro said that Aare’s rebel soldiers returned and the Col. will be a sole person.

The RG revealed that the armored vehicles that the defected Col left were parked in a parking lot and added further that he is leaving for overseas although he did not specify the destination that he will be heading to.

Last year, Colonel Aare who was a senior army officer in Somaliland defected and went to Puntland whereby he established an army military base in Qardho.




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