Somaliland Gov pressures GIZ to Build Vocational School in Hargeisa



The Somaliland government has put a lot of pressure on German Society for Int’l Cooperation (GIZ) to stop the bankrolling of projects which will see the rejuvenation and refurnishing of Burao Vocational Institute.

Somaliland government has called on GIZ to shift the implementation of the project to Hargeisa which will see the construction of modern vocational institute in the capital.

The former finance minister, Mr. Abdiasis Mohamed Samale, a senior member of Kulmiye ruling party in Somaliland along with the director generals from the education, planning ministries have made the suggestion that GIZ should build modern technical school in Hargeisa in lieu of bankrolling Burao technical school revamp.

A high level German delegation have paid a courtesy call to Burao technical school to assess the cost of the project for implementation.

The former administration headed by ex-president Silanyo appealed to the German gov to rebuild the institute which Germany constructed the school back in the 1960’s.

The government has given GIZ the advice that the agency should construct modern school for vocational training in the capital once the largest population of Somaliland currently live in Hargeisa.

It is not yet known if GIZ is convinced with the proposals made by the gov led by incumbent president Bihi.

Many people who have proven track record in Somaliland professions graduated from Burao technical school.



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