Regional Leaders to mediate conflict between Farmajo and Roble



Two regional presidents in Somalia arrived in Mogadishu on Thursday and offered to mediate the ongoing conflict between the President and the PM who are engaged in constitutional wrangles.

The Presidents of Galmudug, Ahmed Abdi Qorqor and Southwest state, Abdiasis Hassan Mohmed Laftagaren, held a meeting with the PM and the President to prepare the ground for reconciliation talks between the two leaders.

The mediation team urged both sides to refrain from further destabilizing actions that would exacerbate the situation.

The President and the PM have accepted the mediation but both sides have put conditions attached for the reconciliation talks to start off.

Preparations are underway for the two regional state leaders to try to bridge the differences between the PM and the President amidst constitutional crisis.

PM Roble insisted on that Bashir Gobe to remain as the top Spy Chief while President Farmajo stressed that the steps taken by the PM Roble is out of the constitutional powers.

The meeting is scheduled to continue until Friday where both regional presidents are optimistic that they will reconcile the two top Federal Leaders and that their internal conflict would not have implications in the election process.

The mediation comes at a time when the country is facing political tension which poses a threat to Somalia’s fragile security and stability.


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