Somaliland officials inspect Berbera corridor project work



Finance minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire together with the telecommunication minister, Mr. Abdiweli Sufi, trade minister, Mohamud Sajin and Trade Mark East Africa officials took stock of the ongoing work on Berbera corridor project. Berbera Corridor Development Committee is chaired by the Finance Minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire and paid an inspection visit to the construction of the corridor which TMEA is supervising DPW which is in charge of the highway construction. The ministerial level delegation supervised Wajale trade By Pass and agreed up the diversion of the corridor due to traffic congestion in the commercial town of Tog-Wajale. The officials decided that all transporting trucks destined for Ethiopia must be diverted from Tog-Wajale and thought of the possibility of building trade road that passes out of the town. The finance minister disclosed that the at least thousands of trucks will use the new road which links Ethiopia to Somaliland’s Tog-Wajale, a commercial hub in the border. Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire said that the government of Somaliland is currently working on new plan to build a trade route that links Somaliland to Ethiopia but which passes outside of the commercial town of Tog-Wajale. The ministerial level delegation held a meeting with officials and district administration after inspecting the work. Both minister of telecommunication and trade stressed that the plan for the corridor is that Tog-Wajale, the commercial town is expected to handle such trade between Ethiopia and Somaliland.


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