Puntland Asserts its commitment to continue waging war against Somaliland


GAROWE—The dispute between Puntland and Somaliland over the control of Sool province could drag both nations to another bloody war. Puntland has made on Sunday another serious threat by announcing its military strategy to recapture Sool region once again. The Defense Committee of Puntland State of Somalia have debunked that Puntland-Somaliland have reached to end the conflict over Sool’s control. They have announced that their authority is committed to emancipate Sool province from Somaliland’s control.

They say that Somaliland controls the region against the will of Sool residents. The minister of interior, Hon. Abdilahi Timade along with the information minister of Puntland, Hon. Abdi Hirsi Qarjab held a joint press conference in Garowe, the seat of Puntland State of Somalia.

The ministers have strongly refuted that Puntland authority agreed with Somaliland government the withdrawal of their forces from Tukaraq. The two forces have had deadly skirmishes in Tukaraq that saw the displacement of residents from their homes. The Interior Minister has sworn that unless Somaliland withdraws its forces then it is a must that war will start. Mr. Tima’ade pointed out that Puntland traditional elders and their officials have apprised of United Nations and IGAD body that if Somaliland is sincere to end the Tukaraq dispute that its forces must return to Oog which as he has claimed is the border between Puntland and Somaliland.

The Interior minister further announced to Puntland people that War is inevitable unless Somaliland stops its occupation to the eastern regions particularly Sool region.

Puntland’s provocation of war is perceived as the last resort to an act of aggression which is a threat against the presence of Somalild’s DF stationed in the east of the country.

The tug of war between Somaliland and Puntland drags on and is expected to drag on despite diplomatic leverage embarked upon by UN and IGAD mediators although both sides are reported to have promised to respect the cessation of hostilities. The Int’l mediators have called that both sides must hand over the Prisoners of War and allow a humanitarian corridor to the displaced.



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