Presidential palace to build State of the Art National Museum in Hargeisa



President Bihi of Somaliland on Saturday has laid the foundation stone in the capital Hargeisa National Museum which will store the history of the state.

The state has decided to turn Khayriyada to National Museum and the presidential palace has announced the construction of the complex.

The ceremony held for the state of the art museum building which will be erected in the heart of the capital saw the attendance of business people and poets from Somaliland.

They reiterated that the museum will be vital for keeping records of past history so that the generations to come will be of great handy to them.

The president has asserted that the place is well known among Somaliland populace as it is a center that is associated with emancipation struggle during the British colony.

Bihi has said that the center will be used to record our past history dating back to 50 years.


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