President says Development and progress is achieved through consensus solidarity as he hails opposition leaders


The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has hailed the opposition fraternity for bagging the legislative and civic leadership, following the recent concluded parliamentary and general elections.

With sentiments filled with wisdom the head of state noted that development and progress was achieved through consensus solidarity.

He said the words as he graced the 18th graduation of Hargeisa University in which he praised the parents, students and university fraternity as a whole for the efforts they concertedly exerted upon the endeavors academically achieved at the institutions.

The President quipped that the opposition had for long felt as having been side-stepped but having accepted going to polls and being triumphant at the just concluded parliamentary and civic polls was a milestone to them.

He congratulated them for their achievements and called upon close working relationship for the good of the nation.

Nothing that he was elated that both opposition were present at the venue, he acknowledged their presence with praises for their leadership.

The President advised the youthful graduates to desist from wayward politics and be positive minded. He decried the Somaliland fraternity who are sojourned in Mogadishu purporting to represent this nation hence termed it as a dent on the country’s image.

He noted that a thousand more educated youth have just been churned out of the campus.

The president also cut the ribbon for new facilities inaugurated and others to be established.

By M.A. Egge


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