President, PM reach an agreement over the political row



Somalia’s President and his Prime Minister have reached a comprehensive agreement over the protracted political row on Thursday. A spokesman for Somalia’s government Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu, has confirmed that the two leaders have seen-eye-to-eye on key points during first direct meeting on Wednesday night that went into the early hours of Thursday. This was the first meeting between Farmajo and Roble since the constitutional wrangle was sparked. The talks centered on who will lead Somalia’s Spy Agency, how the murder of female spy officer will be handed and the upcoming federal elections. As per the agreement, Farmajo and Roble will accept each other’s appointment to the security sector. Roble agreed to allow Yasin Abdullahi Mohamed Farey, to continue in his role as acting head of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA). The PM’s pick for interim spy chief, General Bashir Mohamed Jama (Gobe) was appointed as minister of state. In exchange, Farmajo would recognize Abdullahi Mohamed Nur as the Minister of Internal Security. Farmajo and Roble have agreed to allow Ikran Tahlil’s case to run its course through the military court. Ikran’s murder and the subsequent alleged cover-up by NISA sparked a political standoff that shook the state. Ikran’s case led to the ouster of Farmajo’s confidante and close ally, Fahad Yasin, as Somalia’s intelligence chief. In a statement released by Somalia’s state news agency, the two leaders apologized to the Somali people for the worry their public power struggle caused and vowed to work together to organize elections. The meetings were mediated by the President of South West State, Abdiaziz Lafta-Gareen. Galmudug President Ahmed Kahiye undertook a similar endeavor last month at the behest of Laftagareen to no avail. Somalia’s international partners have urged Roble and Farmajo to settle their differences amicably and work towards holding indirect elections.


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