President leads mourners in laying to rest the second high profile murdered Somalilander in Mogadishu, just as that of a third victim has occurred


The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, said that the nation of Somaliland is not one that wails over the dead, but it is considering what to do about the spate of the gruesome murders of its citizens in Mogadishu.

The Head of State made the statement on Tuesday as he led mourners in the burial of a second Somalilander to be slain in Mogadishu, the former Somalia legislature the late Ahmed Adan Abdirahman.

Even as the body was being laid to rest, news of a third victim who happened to work at the same aviation institution, as the first Mogadishu slaying victim, was announced.

He declared that a concrete decision would be taken as far as the gruesome assassinations of Somaliland victims in Somalia are concerned.

The late Ahmed Aden Abdirahman who was brutally killed in Mogadishu days after Abdinassir Musa Dahable of the Somalia civil aviation was grizzly murdered, and now another Somalia civil aviation expert has just been similarly slain in Puntland, Somalia.

The President led mourners in similar burial in Gebiley of the late Abdinassir a couple of days earlier.

By the time of going to press, the body of the latest third victim has been flown into the country.

“The spate of the latest killings of Somaliland citizens in Somalia is an unprecedented new phenomenon hitherto unseen. Countries, nations and communities always went to war but never proliferated witch-hunt murders”, he said.

The President described the acts as barbaric as un-Islamic just as it is against all forms of humanity.

He said that it defies all tenets and rules of engagements to perpetrate attacks against travelers, workers or personalities for the sake of assumed witch-hunts.

He wondered how the late MP who is an accomplished and well versed Islamic intellectual with several degrees and an eminent personality would be gruesomely slain.

The president noted, “The body would be laid to rest, Somalilanders do not wail over the dead but a concrete decision would be made as regards these (murders).”

The burial was attended by several members of the cabinet, parliamentarians, traditional leaders, politicians and other citizens in large numbers.

Eulogies were said at the gravesite where prayer for the departed was observed too and family members and relatives of the deceased were condoled.

The Ministers of Interior, Education, Water Development, Animal Husbandry, Defense and Justice at the venue, sent their deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased, and described his death as a great crime against the people of Somaliland.

MP Mohamed Hussein Jama (Rambo) and the chairman of the national chamber of commerce, Mr. Jamal Aydeed Ibrahim, also expressed their condolences to the families of the deceased and the Somaliland nation as a whole, and sent a cautionary message to all Somaliland people who are thinking of going to Somalia.


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