Police Chief meets Ethiopian Somali Regional State


The Somaliland Police Force Commander Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Sagadi and the Somali Regional State Police Commander Brigadier General Mohamed Ali Hassan met today in the border town of Wajale.

The two commanders, who met at Wajale Mayor’s office on the Somaliland border, discussed on strengthening the cooperation between the two forces and security co-operation between the two governments.

On the other hand, the meeting between the two Commanders was accompanied by the Commander Saqadi, the Chief of Police Operations, while the Ethiopian Somali Regional State commander was accompanied by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somaliland and the Deputy Commander.

on the other hand,  Somaliland Police Chief Mohamed Aden Saqadhi inspected the Police farm today at Wajale, which is expected to bear much fruit soon and will contribute to the food security of the police force.


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