Energy Ministry Awards 14 Best Staff


The Minister of Energy & Minerals Hon. Abdilahi Abdi Farah awarded for the most talented and hardworking employees of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in a ceremony that was held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Hargeisa on Thursday 13 January, 2022, as part of the development of labor and personnel strategies, in accordance with the rules and regulations set by Civil Servants Commission.

At the opening of the ceremony, Director of Staff Ahmed Mohamed Omar gave a short speech, outlining the selection process for the staff, stating the award-winning members consist of 14 staff, each of whom has been selected by his director.

The Director General of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Mr. Mukhtar Mohamed Ali, who spoke in depth about the importance of rewarding staff, stated that the whole staff of the Ministry are all responsible and hard-working people.

“I acknowledge that the staff in this ministry are dedicated, diligent and honest, and do not underestimate their knowledge, skills and experience in the Department.”

Chairman of the Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission Dayib Haji Ali, who was present at the event, praised the staff for their hard work, adding, “The Ministry of Energy and Minerals is one of the key ministries in the country. They would be able to access the country’s natural resources.”

Minister of Energy and Minerals Md. Abdillahi Abdi Farah acknowledged the efforts and dynamism of the ministry’s staff on the occasion. He said: “These personnel have played an active role in the operation and utilization of the country’s energy, minerals and oil exploration by collecting and storing all the information and data on the issues for which the Ministry is responsible.

The Minister emphasized that the success of the award was shared by all senior staff of the Somaliland Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

The Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, for his part, offered words of encouragement to the staff, urging them to redouble their efforts.

Minister of Council Relations and Constitutional Affairs Mohamed Haji Aden, Minister of Justice Saleban Warsame Guled, Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Abdinasir and the Chairman of the National Electricity and Energy Commission Ahmed Farah Adare who addressed the gathering congratulated the employees for their hard work.

At the end of the ceremony, the 14 winners were presented with their prizes.


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