Plane carrying vehicles & motorbikes lands in Beletwein


Interior Ministry of Hirshabelle regional authority received 5 brand new vehicles and two motorcycles in order to beef up security ahead of the Lower House of Somalia’s parliamentarians that is due to take place in Beletwein.

A plane carrying the 5 vehicles and the two motorbikes landed in Ugas Khalif airport in Beletwein yesterday.

This was disclosed in a statement released by the ministry of interior of Hirshabelle regional administration in Somalia.

The statement added that the vehicles and the motorbikes will be used by regional and district police force in order to heighten security in the run-up- to the elections.

Beletwein is the administrative seat of Hiran region in Somalia and is among Somalia’s major towns that is due to hold elections for candidates vying for the Lower House of the parliament in the days to come.

Hirshabelle regional authority received last June a bullet proof vehicle that was intended for the officials to use during the elections.


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