Central Bank Issues new order of the 50 dollar bill



SL’s Central Bank has today officially issued a new directive in which it lifted the suspension of the use of a $ 50 bills that was suspended by the Bank due to fears of fake 50 dollar bill circulation.

The governor of the Central Bank, in a meeting with some of the traders and money exchangers, said that the Bank has officially lifted the suspension and further noted that there was no counterfeit currency in the country.

The governor, Mr. Ali Ibrahim Jama alias Baqdadi, has said that from now on that traders and banks including the Central Bank should take the 50 dollar bill without further hesitation.

All the traders that have attended the meeting pledged to use the 50 dollar bill from now on.

The government suspended the use of 50 dollar bill back on February 18 after the Bank suspected of the circulation of 50 dollar bills in the country.


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