Oromo’s provocation propels the country to balkanization!



Oromo ethnic group sustain and insist to their envious actions against the other communities live in Ethiopia. This new atrocity and intrusive actions led the country to new hostile environment amongst the Ethiopian people. When the swift leader of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed takes the power, instantly Oromo embarks to pervade a new enmity and antipathy among the community live in Ethiopia including Somali community. These ruthless and audacious actions begun to fragment the country. The other side of the coin, these haphazard and disarray situations diluted and downplays the security, which is currently fragile. Abiy, the prime minister of Ethiopia keeps silent the killings and repugnancy of Oromo against the Somali community lives in Somali region in Ethiopia.
What meets the Exploration of the Gas/Oil and the Invasion of the Ethiopian troops to the Somali region?!
Somali Kilal (State), which is the second humongous land in Ethiopia, and lives in the third largest population in Ethiopia , is currently encountering an oppress and drastic human rights violation from the Oromo fiefdom regime. At the beginning , the Ethiopian regime was trying to conceal the Oromo’s cruelty , but currently , the atrocity becomes divulge due to the continuously killing of innocent people who originates from the Somali community live in Ethiopia.
The Somali region has been found and discovered two wells of gas, fuel, petrol and oil in JEEXDIN area under SHILAABO district-Korahey region, and CUNADHEERE area between GODEY (Shabelle Region) and DHOOBAWEYN. After Cunadheere Gas was tested and becomes functional, Ethiopia begins Extracting Crude Oil in Somali Region in June this year, then the over speed prime minister of Ethiopia Abiy starts to had several meetings with the former president of the Somali region CMC in order to convince him to allocate the Somali region 5%, this wishful thinking and immature suggestion makes him annoyed the president of the Somali region, and he boycotted this humiliation allocation.

Immediately, CMC the president calls the Somali community in Ethiopia including politicians, traditional elders, religious leaders, youth and the women for having a convention in order to decide to their own future. As denotes Ethiopian constitution, especially article 39 gives a political right to determine every Regional Administration to their own future.
On the other hand, if we look back the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) , they were fighting against the former regime of Ethiopia demanding for self-determination, so why they are oppressing and antagonizing when they took the power others to exercise their own political rights?! Dude.
Why not the other Regions?
Oromo’s invasion of the Somali region and Abiy’s silence to their atrocity exacerbates and weakens the cohesiveness of the Ethiopian people. The stunning and shocking is , Oromo’s concerns related to the previous regime of Ethiopia, was leading by Tigre ethnic group, not Somali ethnic group, so why they are retaliating and killing the Somali community? This entails to immerse depth thinking!
In my stance, the former regime was leading by Tigre ethnic closely three decades, so, during that era they capacitated and developed their region military, economically, and they have a plenty of weapon. In this regard, Oromo can’t invade to Tigre region because they expect an immense resistance from them. So, they are revenging the Somali region, and Somali community becomes the first victim of Oromo’s invasion.
Unexpected Reckoning!
When Ethiopian slash leader removes the list of ‘terrorist’ label from OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 opposition groups. The reason behind to unleash and unpark ONLF from the terrorist label was, to create a new conflict among the ruling party of the Somali regional democratic alliance (SRDA) and ONLF. But fortunately, the situation becomes the other way round, ONLF and the ruling administration of the Somali regional democratic alliance unities and declared earlier this week the formation of new political alliance known as the Somali Coalition for Freedom (SCF). SCF says it is seeking to secure self-determination for Somalis in Ethiopia. This applause and pivot step causes Abiy to freak out and deepened his envious against the Somali region.
Painful stories!
The notorious Oromo ethnic kills several Somali people this week in the border between Somali region and Oromia, four of those people were beheaded by the infamous Oromo ethnic group. The shocking party of this painful story is, four of the killed people were the same family. Oromo tends and accustoms the killing of the innocent people including the neighbors, students, travelers and others. The other ail story is, a few days ago, a young lady lives in JIGJIGA the capital city of Ethiopian Somali Region hired a contrat (AMHARIC WORD), which means BAJAJ or TUK-TUK, and this Bajaj was driving an Ethiopian man, when she indicates him where she wants, he forcibly driven to another location where an Ethiopian outpost gathered and she loudly cried where are you driving me?! She meets a military troops and she says “this driver is driving me another location” but unfortunately, the military troops said to her, you are the wrong person, and they immediately beaten and tortured her badly”! This brutal action reminds us, the previous Ethiopian regimes who were killing, torturing, exploiting the people and plundering their own properties.
The Ethiopian troops meddling to the internal administration of the Somali Region fizzle outs and demoralizes the local people.
For the last decade, the Ethiopian Somali Region was evolving including the infrastructure, the social life, education, agribusiness and the security was its highest level. Additionally, when the two wells of Gas/Fuel/Oil was explored and discovered the Somali region, and then the expectation of the local people reached its highest ever. Unfortunately, when the Ethiopian federal troops mainly Oromo militants intruded the Somali region and killed tremendous people, and fled enormous others, then the hope of the people become fancy! Dude.
A new difference within EPRDF
The 36 members Executive Committee of Ethiopian ruling party Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) which unities only four Regional parties out of nine Regional Administration in Ethiopia namely, Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO) ,Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) ,Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and The Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM), disagree their last meeting in Addis Ababa for these points:-
The federal troops meddling the internal affairs of the Somali region in Ethiopia which against and contradicts the federal constitution
The continuation of Oromo ethnic group killings against the innocent people from Somali ethnic group
The Oromo wishful thinking and fancy conception of changing the National Language of Ethiopia (AMHARIC) in to Oromian language. This action instigated the Amhara ethnic group, this new conflict between Amhara and Oromo gives new opportunity the other ethnic groups including the Tigre ethnic. Because Amhara is the only vigorous and unwavering ally with Oromo ethnic, and this emerging difference leads a new fragmentation and fragility amongst the ruling party
The new leader’s averting and misguiding policy of the principles of the ruling party EPRDF paves the way a new devastated conflict in Ethiopia
Who deserves to court? CMC or ABIY
This week I am hearing from Human rights watch saying we are requesting to investigate the human rights violations which takes place in Ethiopia, and we aimed to scrutinize whether the ex-president of Somali region his Excellency CMC was involved? Principally to investigate human rights violations is not bad, but the question is, who deserves? In this regard, the newly elected prime minister ordered officially to intrude the federal forces in the Somali region and kill whoever tries to confront them. The Ethiopian troops then intruded the Somali region and killed enormous people, injured tremendous people and demolished uncountable business. In the mean time, they pressured the ex-president of the Somali region to resign. And all these violations and the new type of colonization are happening on behalf of the Abiy Ahmed. So, Human rights watch closes the eyes the reality on the ground, and they are giving support the aggressor rather than the victim! Dude.
Abiy’s health
A Credible and reliable sources say that, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was worsening his health condition for the last weeks!
Potential Resistance from the Somali Region!
If Ethiopian troops doesn’t stop the cruelty, relentless and brutal actions against the Somali ethnic group live in Ethiopia, they encounter a mass outrage and public backlash against the aggressor.
Currently ONLF and LIYUU POLICE are in one side, and they are ready to defend their people and their land, so Ethiopia should take care their provocation towards the Somali community.
The area of the two wells of the Gas is surrounded by different troops including Ethiopian federal troops, ONLF and Liyuu Police. So, ONLF and Liyuu Police are keeping closely the eyes if the federal troops try to export or use the GAS without the consent of the local people and without political agreement between Somali region’s representatives and the Ethiopian government, if not, they are ready to fight against the aggressor!.
Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher)
Email: anwarcade100@gmail.com


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