Ministry of Information bolsters and fledges its FMs beam to all major cities in the country


The Minister of the Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance, who is also the spokeperson of the Government Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Mareehaan), inaugurated the largest project todate implemented by the ministry which has expanded the reach of the broadcasting of Radio Hargeisa, with 2000 KW radio stations in the cities of Eerigabo, Aynaba, Burao, Oodweyne and Berbera.

In the function held for the expansions of the FMs in the cities was held at the headquarters of the ministry attended by the heads and officials of the ministry.

Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed also revealed that a more powerful and large radio station will soon be brought to the country that can be heard from all over the world, and an education-related FM radio station will be established that will contribute to the promotion of education and community awareness.

The minister noted that in the short period that he has been at the helm of the ministry he has been able to achieve the expansion of the signals reach of the FM radios’ strength.

He said, “When we arrived at the Ministry, the FM stations in Hargeisa and Borame were both working. However that in Boorame was 300KW which we have now expanded it to 2000KW. Similarly such efforts were extended to have such relays in five other cities with their FM stations expanded to the larger 2000KW strength. These cities include Eerigabo, Aynaba, Burao, Oodweyne and Berbera. With each now reaching a radius of 60 km the beams has now been able to render the services to residents in remote areas almost in all parts of the country, including to the military bases far afield”.

Minister Ali Mareehaan said that soon the country will acquire the powerful medium wave radio station, and an educational related FM radio station will be established. He also praised the technicians and staffers of the Ministry and pointed out that they have made efforts in their work for the nation.

On the other hand, the Director General of the Ministry of Information, Mr. Mustafa Abdi Isse (Shiine), gave details of the efforts that they are making in relation to the expansion of Radio Hargeisa.

He said, “The entire leadership team of the Ministry led by the Minister is new. It has been possible for us to listen to Radio Hargeisa in most of the regions of the country, which came with the efforts and leadership of the Minister of Information, who ordered us to be swift in our undertakings and not to delay what we can do.”

The Director General noted that the national forces have been complaining for a long time that they used to listen to radio stations controlled by the enemy of Somaliland.

He said, “Since the directives of the Minister have been implemented to expand the broadcasting of the radio station, we, with myself at the helm, are expected to turn to the aspect of improving the programs and what is being communicated to the nation. It was unfortunate that the Ministry of Information, which is considered to be one of the ministries with the highest budget, was only in name since Hargeisa and Borame were the only ones who benefitted from the national radio services”.

He added that, “This means that the news of the government and the nation did not reach the rest of the country. There were many complaints that the Somaliland national forces were listening to various foreign radio stations, some of which are in the hands of Somaliland’s enemies. Today it is fortunate that Somaliland troops are listening to Radio Hargeisa”.

The Director of the Radio Department, Abdirisaaq Osman Mohamed, thanked the ministry officials for their efforts in expanding the reach Radio Hargeisa’s broadcasting.


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