minister highlights the vibrancy of democracy in a competitive system


The only thing an aspirant owes one is only the vote, he says

By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore once again reiterated the need for peaceful stability and security as the main catalyst that nurtures and cushions livelihood in order to make progressive developments in the social, education, health and business sectors of the nation.

Hon. Koore stressed that it was necessary for the youth to be privy to the country’s history, especially the stages of upheavals and struggles underwent hence appreciate the present, given the nation’s aspirations.

Elaborating on the matter he said, “We need to bear in our minds that peaceful stability and security is of utmost importance hence is the basic precursor leading to any kind of development, whether it is in business, education or health or any sector of our socio-economical life”.

He underpinned the imperativeness of having the youth grasp well the country’s historical tribulations and achievements hitherto realized, and reflect upon them, given the national aspirations to prosper even further.

He urged the youth to instill patriotism in them hence wary of not having a situation where the country can be rent asunder by coaxing them to take note of how Hargeisa was in ruins in the late 1990s.

On the other hand, Minister Koore pointed out that the people have the right to exercise their political rights of voting.

In an effort to dissuade the youth to be swayed by rogue politicians, he said, “We have chosen the democratic system to develop the country, it is not a difficult path, failure is not accepted, the constitution specifies that three parties would front any presidential contenders hence any aspirant is indebted to only your sole vote and nothing else”.

He reminded them that the constitution spells the tenure of the three official national parties as only a decade; and after the ten years, emerging and verified political organizations contend for the top three slots hence front their presidential aspirants.

He said that when the three-party rule bill was being formulated, the late President Mohamed I. Egal felt that it would be dictatorial and hence amended it to carry the ten-year tenure article, for it to be thereafter enacted.


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