Marodi Jeh Provincial Authority Settles Land Dispute that led to skirmishes



HARGEISA–Marodi Jeh provincial governor announced on Saturday that the regional authority had settled a grazing land dispute that had led to violent skirmishes in Bali Mataan village.

Jama Ahmed Abdi declared that one man was wounded in the land dispute clashes on last Wednesday.

“Two neighboring household clashed and among was a man wounded in a gunshot. We set out from here on Wednesday to resolve the crisis together with the eastern section police commissioner and the police force. We have successfully resolved the issue and Allah has made it easy for the wounded man.” said Jama

The man who was shot is recovering well and the perpetrator of the heinous crime is under police captivity thanks to the assistance from the elders.

The governor went on to say that the appropriating communal grazing land is the most thorny issue that the provincial authority is faced with.

He reiterated the government determination to combat the appropriation of communal grazing land which often lead to skirmishes between clans in Somaliland. He asserted that the gov’t is due to start a campaign to remove fencing from all grazing lands in Marodi Jeh region.


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