KULMIYE party executive meet in readiness for upcoming elections


The call on all competitors to accept elections outcome


The Executive Committee of the KULMIYE party held a meeting over the week at the party’s headquarters in the capital Hargeisa where the party officials focused on the preparations for the presidential elections and the political organizations whose bills have now been fully enacted into laws.

The Chairman of the Kulmiye Party, who is also the minister of interior hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed Kahin said that the Kulmiye Party is ready to participate in the elections in accordance with the laws of the country.

He said, “The executive committee of the Kulmiye Party is confirming and supporting that the government formed by the Kulmiye Party hence is ready to enter the presidential election and that of the political organizations of the party as guided by the regulations”.

He further said that the KULMIYE party has been a leader in the country’s elections since 2002 and that it was ready to do its obligations as a competing party in participating in the electioneering processes.

Similarly, the KULMIYE chair said that it was necessary for the political parties and organizations to declare that they comply with the results of the upcoming elections in the country.

He suggested to the stakeholders of the elections that the electioneering processes should be in accordance with the rules of the elections in the upcoming elections in Somaliland later in the year.

He called upon the competing parties to duly accept the results of the elections hence averred that his party, KULMIYE, will always adhere to all the rules thereof and whatever the outcome may be.


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