Investment Ministry Repudiates Fake Media Reports on the Existence of Maxtor, a Chinese based bank which signed a deal with Somaliland


The Ministry of Investment of Somaliland has repudiated on Tuesday news reports circulated by local media outlets in the country accusing it of signing an investment deal with a Chinese based Bank which does not exist.

The Director General of the investment ministry, Hon. Ahmed Abokor Mohamed has presented evidences on the existence of the Chinese based Bank by the name of Maxtor. The DG has urged the media to shun the dissemination of fake news which is based on rumors and guesswork. Journalism is all about gathering Facts and based on your information on First Hand primary sources.

The Article was first published by SomalilandChronicle, a news portable which has not employed in journalistic skills in order to dig deep into the issue. Prof. Abdisalan Yasin, a member of Consultation & Rectification Forum has strongly refuted false news reports published by most of local media in Somaliland. He strongly defended nature of the existence of Maxtor, a Chinese based Bank which is engaged on investment projects not only in Somaliland but also in the African continent as well. Prof. Abdisalan Yasin is Maxtor Bank’s representative to Somaliland.

Ministry of Investment Signs a Billion Dollar Deal with a Non-Existent Chinese Bank


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