Interior Minister Terms It Deplorable WADDANI Party Ploy to Cause Insecurity and Undermine the Police Integrity


The minister of internal security Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed has poured cold water on a malignant report authored by the chairman of the opposition National Party (WADDANI) Mr. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan to malign the good name of the Somaliland Police Force.

Minister Mohamed Kahin, affirmed that the opposition WADDANI party, the intention was to discredit the work and obligations of the Somaliland Police Services of maintaining law and order in the country. He also accused WADDANI of inciting the public against the police.

Addressing the press to counter the criticism of the WADDANI chairman the minister reiterated “This is regrettable for a national leader with constitutional responsibility to level false accusations against the police force. The security agencies are always alert 24/7 protecting his children and the public. It is distasteful for a party leader who is seeking the highest post of our country with malice to smear the name of our police with mud.”

Rubbishing the opposition report about the experience and expertise of Somaliland Police Services the minister stated that the security agencies have wealth of experience and knowledge spanning many centuries. He reiterated that the government continuously trains and implants new skills and knowledge in all law enforcement agencies in the country.

He went further to reveal that the police force work has been enshrined in the constitution and they follow parliamentary articles passed by Somaliland legislators.

Minister Mohamed Kahin stated that the international community works and respects the government of Somaliland because of the nature of its disciplined forces. They have made Somaliland an oasis of peace in a region surrounded by strife.

Letters written by the British government to government praised the role we take in maintaining the stability of the region when we took control of the security of our country. They praised Somaliland for stabilizing & working on its security, as well as security in the Horn of Africa.

The only thing that the world admires in Somaliland compared to other countries is security, it is unfortunate that some national parties create insecurity by criticizing the police force that the world admires in the performance of their duties.

It is unfortunate that the WADDANI party creates insecurity and criticizes our police force

Minister Kahin condemned the reasons why the opposition parties are ignoring the legal process laid down by the country’s constitution, and added what we are united and working together is the law, and the police force protects the law, I call on the opposition parties to protect the security and the process of the government of Somaliland

The Minister of Interior urged the police force not to discourage individuals who are against the interests of the nation, who have forgotten how the police force is there to protect them round the clock.


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