Police Commissioner defends force against malicious accusation from the opposition


The Commissioner of Police Major General Mohamed Adam Saqadhi has in the strongest terms possible defended his force against what he termed as a malignant report authored by opposition party WADDANI.

The latest information was written by the chairman of the National Party (WADDANI) chairman Mr. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan.

The police boss stated that the opposition party WADDANI had made a habit of levelling false accusations against the Somaliland Police with the intention to bring disrepute and demean the integrity of the police force to gain political mileage.

Speaking about the opposition ploy to undermine the Somaliland Police Major General Saqadhi had these to say “The police are the symbol of Somaliland statehood, however of late the opposition party WADDANI has started a smear campaign to tarnish the reputation of our armed forces. Hence, this may damage our country’s status as peace heaven.”

Police Commissioner Saqadhi went on to say “We want to address this issue and inform the public what the agenda of opposition party WADDANI is all about. As you are aware they have written two seditious pieces of information about the Somaliland Police Force in a space of three months. The first report was a terse four-page statement. It was followed by the latest version a seven-page of malignant information about our armed forces written by their chairman Mr. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan. The WADDANI report is written with only one main goal to tarnish the name of our police “

Major General Saqadhi explicitly touched on major crimes committed by the WADDANI chairman against the Republic of Somaliland he said “When the WADDANI chairman Hirsi was a commissioner of Somaliland National Electoral Commission he intentionally resigned abruptly so that the elections to be postponed. He also improvised a vehicle into to a technical war machine to cause insecurity in the country but the quick and alert Somaliland intelligence scattered his plans, confiscated his war armour, and arrested him. He was also involved in the arrest of a lady and jailing her for insulting him in a dubious circumstance.”

The police boss confirmed that Somaliland Police Services will not allow the holding of unlawful demonstrations in the country planned by the opposition party WADDANI.

He warned those with the intention to bypass the country’s constitution to hold an illegal protest will face the full wrath of the law.

The police boss confirmed that only those with permission to demonstrate can be allowed to hold protests and congregate.

He went on to urge those people who want to hold protests against the government should follow the law as article 15 of our constitution states they should go to the ministry of internal security to apply for a permit.

The police chief’s sentiments follow the opposition party WADDANI presidential aspirant Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro’s call to his supporters to come out to demonstrate on Thursday 11th of August 2022.


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