Information Ministry Holds Fund Raiser for Waheen Inferno Disaster Victims


The minister of Information and national guidance, Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore was the chief guest in a programme to raise funds for Waheen Market fire disaster victims. The event organized by the ministry was hosted by Somaliland National Television. The programme was aired live.

Speaking from ministry of information based Somaliland National Television the minister stated that it was important to help our fellow country men who lost their livelihood in the fire disaster.

Addressing well-wishers, the minister urged them to help the fire victims. He thanked ten television stations airing the programme to raise funds.

“As you are all aware,  many traders who were very wealthy before the Waheen Market fire disaster have been reduced to paupers. I humble request all righteous Muslims around the world to assist with donation.”

He asked well-wishers to send a donation through the television programme. He told them to send whatever money denomination they could afford.

The minister sent a message of appreciation to independent television stations he said “I’m thankful to Universal, Horn Cable, Saab, Sahan, Voice of  East Africa, Bulsho and MM televisions for airing live coverage  to help collect donations for Waheen Market fire victims.”


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