Hargeisa Mayor leads mourners in laying to rest the late celebrated philanthropist Mohamed Hashi Qawdan to rest


This week saw the passing on of celebrated philanthropist centurion Mohamed Hashi Qawdan who was a citizen of Somaliland who gave most of his life and energy to voluntarily help pave Hargeysa roads with his bare hands and shoddy tools for almost half a century, efforts that saw the city reward him with a modern house and shelter.

The late Mohamed Hashi who was 121 years old and happens to be the father of our colleague at Dawan Media Group Khadar Mohamed, breathed his last in the evening of Wednesday.

The funeral of the deceased was attended by the Mayor of Hargeisa, Cllr. Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, and thronged by traditional leaders, members of the clergy, businessmen and a multitude of different sections of the Somaliland community.

Speakers at the gravesite who gave eulogies testified to the humble, righteous and pious life the late Qawdan lived.

of and his wife, he always admitted during his life that the world has ended his people but the reason he remains in the world is only to improve the roads that he has to do so that his people can travel comfortably.

Every time there was a problem in the community complaining about the lack of roads and a place for vehicles to pass through, he usually made a decision to fix that place. All sorts of motorists, commuters and pedestrians used to be amazed by his undying resolve and efforts year in year out. All the places he repaired were usually impeccable and many always signed in relief owing to the courageous efforts of the perennial volunteer, quite pleased with him.

The late Mohamed Hashi Qawdhan was a close friend of Sheikh Omar Farah Warfaa who instructed him to repair the roads in the city, which he has been working on until his twilight years to repair the roads in Hargeisa.

The late Mohamed Hashi Qawdhan was honored and exemplified by the Mayor of Hargeisa, Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, who acknowledged his courage and efforts in the city, and coaxed the Town Hall to reward him by building him a modern house.

Tributes to the demise of the fallen real Hargeisa city hero came from far and wide. He is celebrated both in life and after.

The Mayor of Hargeisa described the late Mohamed Hashi Qawdan as a good hearted servant who carried out the will of his Sheikh in his lifetime to fix the roads and manually make gravels.

He said that it was amazing that he continued the efforts to his old age with the hope of only getting reward from his Creator.

We mourn a true and great hero who a born once in several lifetimes.


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