government Condemns the Treatment of Somaliland’s Prisoners of War In Las’anod


For Immediate Release

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland strongly condemns the reports and images circulating online of the inhumane treatment of Somaliland soldiers who were captured on Friday August 25th.

In the past days there have been countless Images and videos circulating on different online platforms depicting Somaliland soldiers’ being brutally tortured, murdered, and images of the desecration of the deceased. We want to remind all those involved to treat prisoners of war (POWs) in full conformity with the 3rd  Geneva Convention as well as the Islamic customs as indicated in the Holy Quran of the treatment of POWs during times of conflict.

We urge the International Community to address the situation immediately and take the necessary steps to ensure that Somaliland POWs as well bodies of those deceased are being treated in accordance with the same conventions that the Government of the Republic of Somaliland has adhered to since the start of this conflict.


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