Taiwan invites Somaliland to an international agricultural conference



Somaliland will be represented by an agricultural official in a major international meeting to be held in Taiwan.

The conference will be attended by 25 countries, including Somaliland. The Ministry of Agricultural Development said that Somaliland will be represented by Khadar Mawlid, one of the experts of the ministry.

Director General of Somaliland’s Ministry of Agricultural Development Prof. Adan Abdilahi Sheikh said that the conference which will last for 15 days is about the promotion of modern agricultural production.

He said that the conference is important for Somaliland, as Somaliland is one of the countries that are growing its agricultural production.

This partnership is not the first of this level that Somaliland has participated in. Recently, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture returned from meetings and workshops they attended in Taiwan, where Somaliland has a good relationship.


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