Gov halts the installation of towers in residential areas in Somaliland



The Minister in charge of telecommunication and Posts of Somaliland, Mr. Abdiweli Abdilahi Suufi on Sunday has issued a circular pertaining to the installation of cellphone towers in the country.

The ministry has demanded that all telecommunication firms have to come to the ministry premises before it starts to install new towers.

The ministry is entitled to enforce telecommunication and posts law # Lr. 50/2011 which will protect the health of citizens from cell phone tower hazards.

From now on, the ministry has banned the installation of towers in residential areas after complaints were submitted by locals.

The circular issued by the ministry has apprised of all telecommunication towers and televisions that use towers not to install new tower unless they receive the consent from the ministry of posts and telecommunication.

The ministry has appealed to the ministry of interior, the city halls and the police force to assist the enforcement of the new order to take into effect.

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