Foreign nationals conducting illegal mineral exploration expelled: Somaliland



The government of Somaliland received a report about foreigners who have started extracting minerals in Sanaag province.

In the first place, the aliens conducted mineral extraction whereby the government of Somaliland did not aware of the mission.

The aliens were said to have conducted the extraction in Las Qoray .Mr. Yusuf Jama Mohamed, one of Las Qoray residents alerted the matter to the energy and mining ministry that aliens are conducting mineral exploration in Sanaag province.

Certain Somalilanders have brought the aliens to the region where the residents were not consulted in the first place.

The mineral exploring equipment were brought in Maydh later was transported to Eel Dibir settlement.

The residents were furious after rumors were spread that the aliens were exploiting their minerals and took their arms and the aliens were in danger. The foreigners are said to be Russian and Chinese nationals.



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