Finance Ministry Director General opens Local Budget Consultation Workshop


Director General of the Ministry of Finance Hon. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan opens a workshop for the directors of administration and accounting in 8 districts of the country.

In these districts the JPLG Local Government Decentralization Project is underway.

The meeting was attended by the directors of administration and finance of the eight districts and discussed how to improve the transparency management system.

Director General Mohamed Abdi Gurhan said in a speech that by 2021 the country’s local government budgeting system has been restructured both in terms of income and expenditure.

Hon. Gurhan added the local districts budget for 2022 and last year 2021 was very detailed in the way you used to submit budgets in the past.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Finance and UNCDF and was part of the Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for the operations and management of the accounts and the monitoring of local government budgets.


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