Ethiopia’s Somali State parliament Approves new govt formed by President Mustafe


JIGJIGA– The parliament of Ethiopia’s Somali Region have overwhelmingly today approved the new government formed by the new president, Hon. Mustafe Cagjar.

Most of those in Cajgar’s government are said to be new to the political arena in Ethiopia’s Somali region.

The list of officials passed by the parliament are as follows:

1 The President of DDS, I Mustafe Mohamud Omar

2Vice President, Adan Farah Ibrahim

3 Water affairs minister,  Bashiir Shaafi

4 Finance Minister,  Bashiir Dubbad

5 Presidential affairs minister,  Xasan Dhaadhi

6 Education Minister, Abdilahi Mohamed Muse

7 Health Minister Dr Yusuf Maxamed

8 Agricultural Minster Abdikaadir Iiman

9 Public Works minister Abdifatah Sheekh Biixi

10 Comerce Minister Abdirahman Ahmed Hasan

11 Minister in charge of the prevention of disasters,  Maxamed Cabdi

12 Minister in charge of diaspora, Xabiib Xaaji

13 Minister for Attorney General C/wali Jaamac Ibrahim

14 Livestock Minister Eng Maxamed Shaale Isaaq

15 Justice Minister Mubaarak Sheekh Cumar

16 Minister of labour Xasan Aadan

17 Minister for Women Ayaan Cabdi Shukri

18 Information minister Guuled Aw Cali

19 Minister for Constitution Xasan Faarax Cali

20 Minister for Vallies Axmed Deeq Maxamed

21 Science Minister Axmed Naaji

22 Minister of culture, torism Ilyaas Abiib

23 Manager in charge of training and skills office

24 Manager in charge of energy, minerals  Lade C/wali

25 Manager for Road Authority Sacaada Giire

26 Manager of Revenues Mudane C/laahi Cabd


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