Ethiopian Singer killed by celebratory gunfire




ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia–An Ethiopian singer Dadhi Gelan has been accidentally shot celebratory gunfire at the opening of a hotel.

He was struck by a stray bullet while performing at the event in the small town of Ashufe, in the Oromia region.

His body was taken to a nearby hospital for examination.

Commenting about his last hours, fellow artist and friend and fellow Tufa Wodajo said: ”Prior to his death Dadhi warned me, saying: ‘Be careful, you might get hit by a bullet’.”

He lamented: ”While performing a single song, everybody was firing. At least 50 or 60 live rounds were being fired per song. And those who were firing escaped after they saw he [Dadhi Gelan] was hit.”

It is a tradition that goes back to decades for people to fire rounds during moments of celebration and mourning.

Dadhi was known for his struggle songs in the Afaan Oromoo language, and was also an author of five Afaan Oromoo books.



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