Ethiopia: Abiy Fiddles, Cagjar Wanders And The Folk Are Suffering



The youngest leader in Africa and over speed prime minister Atto Abiy Ahmed fiddles the countries and the region as well. Abiy’s promises became self-defeated and botched.

At the beginning of his nomination, he says” I will propel the country into the democracy, free and square elections, freedom of speech, defending the justice and abhorrent the human rights violations” diametrically, after a while, Abiy’s artificial transformation leads the country and the region into bog down.

Since his nomination in April last year, he has done number of intrusive actions, including attacking Oromo-paramilitary forces under federal troop’s umbrella to Jigjiga.

Oromo kills tremendous Somali ethnic, roped and demolished colossal of businesses and seized plenty of Somali residential areas. Consequently, the relationship between Somali and Oromo ethnic groups became punitive. That is why; the situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating every single day and becoming tense, amok and intractable. And Abiy’s fake transformation mantra is full of humpty dumpty and lip service.

The other side of the coin, Abiy meddles the internal affairs of Somalia. He several times invites the president of Somalia his Excellency Farmajo. After every meeting between the two leaders ends, they release joint press conference about invigorating and deepening the bilateral agreement among the two states.

But, the funny and the sickening are, after days Abiy invites Somaliland representatives in order to undermine Somalia’s unity. Some political pundits pontificate that, Abiy’s invitation towards Somaliland is aimed at to debilitate and belittle the Somalia’s role in the region. So, Abiy hoodwinks clueless Somali president.

Meanwhile, Abiy goes yesterday Friday 07/06/2019 to Sudan in order to mediate the transitional military council and the oppositions. Basically, this step is not bad, but the sickening is, there is enormous communal violence among the different Ethiopian communities which are needed to tackle before anything else according to our gut feelings. Including Oromo and Benshangul-region, Somali region and Afar, Amhara and Oromo. Additionally, 700,000 people have been displaced by the Gedeo-Guji dispute, Gedeo from Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s region, and Guji from Oromia Region According to the United Nations. Moreover, last year in 2018, tremendous people fled their homes than in any other nation on earth.

In 2.9 Million people had been displaced by December 2018, and these displaced people are more than the dislodged in Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan combined. In this regard, Abiy’s lofty ambition and his practical actions are utterly and completely incompatible and self-defeating.

And this huge number of displacement is clear indication of the growing exodus of Ethiopian communities from their homes.

And it’s blatant and conspicuous how Abiy’s government is shambled to all these sticky wickets. And his latest visit in Sudan is just (Inviting Vegetarians to Barbecue)

Cagjar kills and castigates his people!

The acting/deputy president of the Somali region Atto Cagjar emulates and imitates his best and bosom friend Abiy. Cagjar’s pseudo administration tends reprisal, torment, lip service and Pandora’s Box. And currently, Jigjiga becomes maiming, mutiny, migration and malfeasance. Because, Cagjar is targeting especial clans and he uplifts some others.

And this unprecedented disparity is so rife in the region nowadays. And if you immerse and ask the local people the situation in the region, they give you shocking answer which is, the situation of the region is shifting from bad to worse. And the Cagjar’s government is busy on amassing moneys and misbegotten projects. Cagjar himself is busy travelling around, from Jigjiga to Nairobi. Some people say, Cagjar is travelling a lot in order to deposit the ill-gotten moneys to non-Ethiopian banks as antidote for future accountability.

The slap in the face and the pandemonium is, when Cagjar appoints the governor of Doolo region (Wardheer) someone who is not welcomed the local people.

To nominate someone is not the problem, but the disaster was, when the indigenous people showcased their mass outrage and public backlash against his lame-duck government, Cagjar orders the Liyuu Police to oppress and disband the people. Several of the local people have been killed; many more have been injured by the ruthless and relentless of his government against the innocent people of Doolo region.

In this regard, we can extract how Cagjar is uniquely intolerant, and his grudge towards his people. The people were already encountering the dire situations including lack of service and other plights which led the region into the backward trajectory. And that is how; the region’s situation is placed and caged. Cagjar’s government tended predatory practices.

On the other hand, some political commentators opine that, Cagjar is undertaking all these dumfounded actions in order to bless and become sycophant to Abiy. Some others add that, Cagjar is despising his people, while he is giving the highest respect the tribes from Somaliland and Puntland, who also reside some parts of the Somali region. Because, if we trace back the history, Somaliland and Puntland tended bully to the Somali region.

They used to deport the Somali people who are originated from the Somali region, especially (Ogaden Clan), the majority clan in the Somali region, and hand over to the Ethiopian government under ONLF, ITIHAD label.

Somaliland and Puntland did all these to reciprocate Ethiopia, and demonstrate how they are deep staunch to them. Same disaster is, when Cagjar invites representatives from Somaliland to observe the Jeelka Dhexe (Central Prison) , aka (Jeel Ogaadeen), where Cagjar and his docile government was showing how this prison was torturing and castigating the prisoners. I am not denying how this prison was notorious and plenty of Somali people have been tortured badly, but I wonder who is accountable the crimes and the gross human rights violations that have been committed by Somaliland and Puntland against the gullible Somali people in the Somali region? Sad, Creepy and Dude. And with all these childish and churlish that Cagjar is tended show that, how he is clueless traitor to his people.

This intrusive policy which is, disregarding and belittling the local people, and giving respect to the outsiders Cagjar inherited from Abiy. Because, Abiy aims at to hoodwink the world under his cosmetic reform pretexts, and Cajgar aims at to exhilarate just Abiy. So, from hear, we can see the hallmark. All these window dressing actions in Ethiopia diluted and dwindled the country’s priorities, and in the meantime augmented and expedited the insecurity, mistrust, downward looking and the feud amongst the Ethiopian communities.

Disbanding Liyuu Police is catastrophe and Alas

Liyuu Police, which means (The Special Forces), is strong gallant forces owned and attributed by the Somali region. In 2007, was established under tough circumstances. As far Ethiopia is ethnic federal system, each and every community should exercise their own peripheral administration including their security.

Diametrically, we can’t hide and abnegate how sometimes Liyuu Police commits gross human rights violation, torture and other intrusive actions. But, as longest Somali region is having conflicts and land disputes with Oromos and Afar ethnic groups, there is a drastic need to remain Liyuu Police.

Because, other ethnic groups in Ethiopia are ganging up to displace Somalis, and devoid of Liyuu Police, Somalis becomes susceptible. So, Cagjar detests Liyuu Police, because of he believes that, they are staunch to his predecessor CMC. And the biggest pet peeve of Cagjar is, to hear or see something pertained to his predecessor. Dude!  But, Cagjar’s premature and knee-jerk actions can lead the region into havoc. We need to improve Liyuu Police and educate them with the ethics and the human rights, but we can’t dislodge them.



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