Djibouti & Yemeni Foreign Ministers meet



DJIBOUTI–Yemeni foreign minister, Hon. Khalid Alyamani has held talks with Djibouti counterpart, Hon. Mohamud Ali Yusuf.

The two diplomats discussed ways of boosting bilateral ties between the two nations.

They also talked to arrange a meeting between technical committees from both sides.

This duty was bestowed upon the shoulders of the ambassadors based in Aden and Djibouti to facilitate the ministerial level meeting.

Djibouti FM has said that his country is ready to welcome Yemeni national who fled from the war torn country which is ravaged by war.

The Yemeni FM has praised his counterpart remarks and Djibouti’s stance on the fight against Houthi rebels which are engaged war with Yemeni gov’t which is backed by Saudi Arabia and UAE.



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