Digfer hospital facility in Mogadishu shut down after three contract COVID-19



Digfer hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital which has been rejuvenated by the Turkish government is reported to have been shut down following the outbreak of COVID-19 after three doctors operating at the facility have contracted the coronavirus pandemic and tested positive for the virus.

A doctor at the facility has confirmed that the hospital will be closed today (Saturday) after three cases which were part of the nine reported cases by the ministry of health was found in the hospital.

The doctor has further revealed that emergency cases such as victims of bomb attacks, gun and knife wounds as well as maternity delivery will be allowed to admit into the facility.

A patient who was 58 years-old man who died in the past week as a result of COVID-19 was hospitalized at the facility but doctors referred him to COVID-19 quarantine facility at Martini hospital.

Somalia had confirmed another nine cases Friday as this was the highest such jump in number since the virus was found in the country last month and bring the total to 21 cases.


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