Dahabshiil Group constructs emergency wing for Buhoodle Central Hospital


The Dahabshiil Group has laid the foundation stone for the new building the emergency department to be added to the Buhoodle district hospital.

The new building was funded by Dahabshiil Group, Somtel, E-Dahab and Dahab-Plus.

The ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the extension of the general hospital in Buhoodle district, was attended by Buhoodle district officials, traditional leaders, the medical staff community and officials from the Dahabshiil company.

The manager of Dahabshiil Company in Buhoodle, Ismail Ise, highlighted the various development public services that the group has established for the people of Buhoodle and the surrounding areas.

In fact, it is the third project in the health sector alone that they have funded.

Similarly the group had done road constructions and associated services in the area.

He said, “We are laying the foundation stone today for the Central Hospital in Buhoodle, especially the emergency department; the building is part of the renovation of the hospital”.

He continued, “It is not the first time that this type of construction is carried out in Buhoodle district, it is third work for the health sector”.

He elaborated, “We have contributed a lot to the hospital for mentally ill people and we have handed over an ambulance to the local authorities”.

He added, “We have done a lot of work at the University of East Africa branch in Buhoodle, we have focused on the training hall and the promotion of education services”.

Thus, the philanthropic projects they carried out in the area is unparalleled by any other private institution in the country.

The director of Buhoodle district hospital Dr. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed welcomed the philanthropic activities that the Dahab-Shil company has done at the central hospital in Buhoodle district.


He said. “I welcome Dahab-Shil Company to take a big part in the development of the hospital, and I thank them for responding to the request we made.”

It is not the first time that the company Dahab-shiil Group is involved in development while the public services in Buuhoodle district, with the hospital officials promising to steadfastly step up the services they carry out in that district.


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