Issuance of vehicle insurance coverage underway


The Somaliland National Insurance Agency has started the implementation of the policy in establishing the services in the country.

A large conference event held for the function of the announcement this week saw the attendance of finance minister Hon. Sa’ad Ali Shire and deputy transport minister Hon. Musa Yusuf Selef and the insurance service providers amongst other officials, transport operators and invited eminent personalities.

A conference discussed the implementation of traffic insurance coverage in Hargeisa, and members of the cabinet, transport company and insurance companies were announced at the time of the transportation insurance policy.

While making it public that the implementation of the transportation insurance policy will be started in June, the head of the National Insurance Agency Mr. Guled Musa Galal urged the people to take the insurance covers duly.

He further announced that the first 20 clients to obtain the vehicle insurance coverage policy will be for free.

Somaliland’s deputy mayor Hargeisa Khadar Ahmed Omar and the traffic law enforcement commander revealed that the city roads traffic routes will be reviewed especially in as far as passenger vehicles plying up-country was concerned. They said that the move was to ease traffic vehicles congestion in the city.

Speakers at the event spoke on the imperativeness of having the vehicle insurance coverage, a move they described as on that would ease a lot of burden of the vehicle operators, be they owners or drivers.

They also noted that in recent months focus was put on having operators have both road and driver licences as per the regulations.


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