PVPV committee briefs parliamentary committee


The sub-committee on Shariah and family affairs of the Somaliland House of Representatives held a meeting with the national Promotions of Virtue and Prevention of Vices (PVPV) committee hence pondered on ways and means of bolstering concerted efforts in the cooperation and eradication measures to combat bad practices in the country such as blasphemy, immorality, narcotics and associated unwarranted vices.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Shariah and Family Affairs committee Hon. Barkhad Jama Batuun headed the meeting.

The PVPV Committee gave a detailed report on how they fight against narcotics, illegal drugs, immorality, and blasphemy.

The committee promised to create a National Code to address the issues and ease the services rendered by the PVPV.

The parliamentary committee praised the PVPV committee for their prominent role in the society and how they are engaged in dealing with or eliminating unwarranted vices in the community.

Recently an establishment of a new police unit was announced to support the sector in combating vices.

The government has started a plan to secure the information of the displaced people in the country

The National Agency for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons will dispatch teams to collect data information on the displaced persons traversing the regions in the country.

The chairman of the agency Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed Hinif, said that it was an annual exercise to collate comprehensive updated data and information.

He explained that the data were two sets, one being the agency’s while the other was to be shared by the IOM.

He revealed that the findings of the data would be publicized.


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