Somaliland is a security fence in defense of neighborhood stability, says Ambassador Mohamed Omar Haji


Somaliland’s ambassador to Taiwan, Ambassador Mohamed Omar Haji, said that Somaliland has been cushioning its neighboring countries from security threats in the region for quite a while.

The ambassador also pointed out that the neighboring countries should understand that Somaliland has been a security wall that has all along been cushioning the threats at the Horn of Africa that has been emanating from situations such as terrorist activity and the tension in the Red Sea marine passage.

He gave the sentiments as he spoke in an exclusive interview with a local media outlet, MMTV.

Ambassador Mohamed Omar Haji said that Somaliland government and citizens have survived the political storms, conflicts and changes that have been afflicting hence since its existence it has been a sort of a buffer zone that shouldered and vouched for the security and stability of its neighbours.

Of note, he said that Somaliland’s policy having good relations with all countries.

When asked about the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia and the feelings of Djibouti he said that the country is very close to Somaliland and they have good relations hence underpinned the fact that the agreement is very beneficial and that it would prevail at last for the better of all in the region.

“Somaliland is politically related to neighboring countries; socio-politically it has taken to live with them in the best way possible. Somaliland’s security and stability has led to the peace of the neighboring countries and good business”, he said.

He noted, “We have big threats in the world, you see, there are two big threats where we live, one is the threat of extremism led by Al-Shabaab, and the other is the threat of the Red Sea, both of which we are facing. We have warded off the dangers as long as we could all throughout our existence”.


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