Congratulations to 35 Graduates who were awarded a Professional Certificate in Journalism



The Minister of Information and culture in Somaliland, the President of the University of Hargeisa, head of UK-Somaliland relations office, the chairmen of SOLJA and SONSAF attended the graduation ceremony of 35 students who became professionals in journalism after completing a one year program delivered by University of Hargeisa, research and community services directorate and funded by the Foreign  & Commonwealth Office.

The President of the University, Dr. Mohamoud opened the ceremony and congratulated the graduates and stated that the knowledge they benefited has to change their way of thinking. He enlightened that the way of thinking of the people mainly depends on how the journalists think and what they report to the people. the chairman of SOLJA Mr. Mohamoud Abdi acknowledged the UK representative in Somaliland and University of Hargeisa for making this program successful and advised the graduates to apply this knowledge to their day to day activities.

The UK representative in Somaliland Mr. Stuart Brown praised the graduates and wished them a successful career. The Minister of information concluded the Ceremony and was very optimistic that these graduates will contribute well to efforts of enhancing the professionalism and conduct of local journalists. He employed one of the graduates and wished the others to flourish in their careers.


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