Launch of the Somali Maritime Administration


The closing ceremony of the “Launch of the Somali Maritime Administration (SMA)” three-day workshop was held in Mogadishu on Monday October 14th.

Hosted by UNSOM and additionally facilitated by IMO and EUCAP, the Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport, H.E. Maryan Aweys Jama presided over the ceremony also attended by federal government and member state representatives together with the international community.

Following three years of research and review, the ceremony established a mark in the maritime history of Somalia by the creation of a National Maritime Administration.

The SMA is the first pillar in assuring that vessels flying the Somali flag are safe, environmentally ssound and internationally acceptable; that the safety and security standards of foreign vessels arriving at Somali ports are up to standard and that international public law is available to all who use cross these waters.

Growth of maritime trade through the Somali ports is evident and anyone who looks seawards onto the movement at the Mogadishu port can see the growth. In addition, the need to modernise and quicken the capability of a maritime administration is also evident.

“EUCAP will continue to play its full role in further developing the SMA alongside the very clear programmes that have been declared today which give a testimony to the hard work of her Ministry of Ports and Marine Transport team, that includes very well qualified and visionary women who work alongside their male colleagues,” EUCAP Head of Mission Christopher Reynolds said.

“We stand with you in your work and continue to give support as your grow the birth of hope that realises the maritime economy for the Somali people,” Reynolds added.



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